Spécial Cop21 : France cleantech Review 2015

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France cleantech reviewQuelle est la situation des cleantech dans le pays qui accueillera la Cop21 dans moins d’un mois ? Comment se comporte les marchés des énergies renouvelables, de l’efficacité énergétique ou encore de l’écomobilité ? GreenUnivers, en partenariat avec EY, publie une synthèse en anglais de son « Panorama des cleantech en France en 2015 », réalisé avec le soutien de Engie (ex GDF Suez), Business France, HSBC, Demeter Partners et Ecosys group/Cleantech Open.


GreenUnivers, the leading organisation for economic and financial information on cleantech in France, and EY have jointly produced a French Cleantech Review for 2015. The review covers public policies, funding, action among major groups and innovation strategies, with detailed analyses on key sectors.

A number of crosscutting trends have emerged :

1) An upturn in capital and project investments, starting in 2014 which continues this year.

2) The internationalisation of business activities, particularly in the renewable energy sector. A promising middle-market sector is emerging as companies seek growth potential in new areas.

3) Open innovation is promoting inclusiveness as major groups, SMEs, start-ups and public laboratories join forces and learn to work together.

4) Cleantechs are increasingly digita l: from eco-mobility to energy efficiency, green innovation is opening up to digital and connected technologies.

5) Locally and regionally focused approaches are gaining ground, with an increase in regional calls for projects and financing mechanisms.

6) The city of the future is gradually emerging with the development of intelligent networks, new forms of mobility and energy-saving buildings.

See below the « France cleantech review 2015 » (or download here)

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